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Cakes and Pastries by Vincek

By SightRun | zagreb

Mar 04

If you spent some time running in Zagreb, make sure you keep your sugar levels just right! After a good run and an excellent lunch in Lanterna restaurant, you are ready for the cakes and pastries in Vincek.

The Vincek cake and pastry shop is a family-owned company existing for over 40 years and is known for their traditional cakes and pastries.

It was founded in 1977. and was the first to offer the famous Zagreb custard slices topped with whipped cream and high-quality chocolate, popularly known as “Kremšnita”.

Kremšnita / Photo: Vincek

This is my favorite dessert and I don’t leave from Vincek without having one. 🙂 Actually, some of my happiest childhood memories include my grandparents taking me for a stroll in the city and stopping for a tasty dessert at Vincek.

The small family business was started by spouses Ankica and Stjepan Vincek and they quickly became the leading Croatian producer of pastries, cakes, fancy biscuits, chestnut puree, ice cream and other unique delicacies to order.

They started with a small shop in Zvonimirova street and now employ more than 100 people and have 6 shops in Zagreb including the one in Zagreb’s main shopping street “Ilica” just next to the Main City Square.

It is a very unique place where you can still order the traditional Zagreb cakes and pastries and they have over 100 varieties to choose from.

Vis à Vis by Vincek

As nutritional trends are changing, Vincek family also decided to offer modern types of cakes through their newly created brand Vis à Vis. It’s a cute little cake and pastry shop just around the corner from the Ilica Vincek store and right below the famous Zagreb funicular.

The major novelty is that all the cakes and pastries are gluten-free, and only brown sugar, stevia and agave syrup are used as sweeteners. They also use rice or soy milk, as well as other ingredients you will not find in traditional cakes such as flax seeds, olive oil, cranberries, sweet potato, carrots… There’s also options without eggs or cow milk, vegan cakes and raw-food cakes which are a hot trend at the moment.

So head over to Vincek either for a traditional Zagreb cake or a tasty ice cream.

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