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Museum of Broken Relationships

By SightRun | zagreb

Mar 04

Museum of Broken Relationships is one of the most popular museums in Zagreb and has a very unique story. It first started as a travelling collection of donated items in 2006. and after gaining lots of attention it turned into a permanent exhibition in the beautiful baroque Kulmer Palace in the Upper Town of Zagreb. In 2016. a Los Angeles branch of the museum was opened in the heart of Hollywood.

So items on display are all relics of broken relationships. Each item is accompanied with a story: some funny, others sad. It’s a unique emotional journey around the world through hundreds of break-ups and the museum even received an award in 2011 as the Europe’s most innovative museum.

It’s the city’s first privately opened museum and is open every day of the week except major holidays. During winter it’s from 9am till 9pm and during summer from 9am till 10:30pm. Entrance price is 40 kn (about 5,50€)

Official Museum pages: Brokenships – Zagreb

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb