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Now you can explore Rovinj with SightRun App

By SightRun | sight running

Sep 20

The Croatian town Rovinj is a new running destination we just added to the SightRun app. Now you can enjoy running in Rovinj and exploring this charming Istrian town.

Rovinj is one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia and well known for its romantic ambiance. It is one of those Must see towns in Istria that simply makes you want to come back again.

Here are a few hints about what to see in Rovinj:

1. Explore the old town

This picturesque town located on a small peninsula will charm you with its cobbled streets and colorful buildings. You will enjoy discovering hidden shops, restaurants and small shops with very creative souvenirs. Take a walk to the top of the hill where the Cathedral is located and climb up the bell tower for the best view over the town.
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2. Visit Batana museum

This unique museum which is a part of UNESCO register reveals the magic behind some of Rovinj’s oldest traditions. Batana museum is also the first Eco museum in Croatia.

3. Eat amazing food

Rovinj offers plenty of amazing restaurants serving tasty Mediterranean dishes. And it is not by accident that Monte, the first Croatian restaurant which received a Michelin star is located here.

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4. Golden Cape Forest park

Golden Cape Forest park also known as Punta Corrente is a beautiful forest park with natural beaches and a crystal clear sea. The area is perfect for running, cycling, swimming, and rock climbing and has many paths throughout the park.

Run in Rovinj with SightRun app

If you were wondering where to run in Croatia, Rovinj is a perfect town to explore running and our SightRun tours will give you a great overview of the town’s best attractions.

The running tour is about 6,5 km long and takes you through the old town as well as to the Golden Cape forest park. You will learn about the Balbi’s Arch, City museum, town clock, most popular festivals as well as about the ancient settlements and many more interesting things.

If you’re short on time or would just like to do a short walk, then you can go for the SightRun walking tour of the Old town which is less than 2,5 km long and usually takes about half an hour.

Both Rovinj tours are available in English and Croatian and are free to download on Google Play and AppStore.

We hope you will enjoy running in Croatia as much as we do and stay tuned for more amazing SightRun tours.

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