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Visit island of Cres and explore city of Cres and nearby area

We took SightRun App to the Adriatic coast giving you the opportunity to discover amazing Cres town on the island of Cres. Make sure you don't stop here as island Cres has more amazing places that should be discovered.

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What to See and Do?

cres town island cres

Cres may give you plenty of opportunities for sports and leisure activities but let's not underestimate the cultural heritage. One of the great findings is the Valun Table from the 11th century  - the oldest Glagolitic monuments. Discover small villages, the picturesque beaches and almost mythical Vrana lake. Look for Eurasian griffon or visit Visitors Center in Beli.

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Where and What to Eat?

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Look for local dishes prepared according to the old traditional recipes, seasoned with local aromatic plants and olive oil. Cres proudly presents a lamb as the most admired delicacy as it tastes extraordinary thanks to the traditional free sheep grazing. Try homemade sheep milk cheese with prosciutto and olives, fresh fish, shrimps, crabs, shells and  homemade brandy with aromatic herbs.

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Where to Sleep?

where to sleep in fuzine

Although we'd rather suggest Cres for outdoor enthusiasts, everyone will enjoy their vacation on Cres. Look for private accommodation, apartments, villas, guest houses or camps as there are only two hotels on the island. Wherever you find your place to stay, you won't have a hard time exploring the rest of the island.


Where to Run?

Cres is amazing! Believe us because we had an opportunity to ran the island a few times. Use SightRun App to discover the history of the island and the town of Cres. If you'd like more and you'd love to do a longer trail run, we suggest you save a date for the race Cres-Lošinj Trail. Two days and two wonderful islands!

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Cres Run

Welcome to the city of Cres, the biggest town on the island of Cres!

Let's make a run through the town, enjoy the sea view and get to know the interesting history of the island full of amazing legends. After you explore Cres town, take time to explore the island and picturesque small towns overlooking spectacular beaches.

Startning point: Cres center

Distance: 5.5 km 

Runners said Yesss!

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