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Visit Fužine and discover this hidden gem in the mountains of Gorski kotar, Croatia

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What to See and Do?

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Fužine is a small municipality situated 730m above sea-level, in the southwest part of Gorski kotar, surrounded by picturesque mountains. In the vicinity of the railroad and the highway Zagreb-Rijeka, you only need half an hour to reach the seaside or many natural and cultural attractions near by.

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Where and What to Eat?


Almost anything you can find in nature can be part of your gastro travel in Gorski kotar. Fruits, berries, herbs, honey, vegetables, mushrooms, game... have been part of local tradition for years and you can enjoy it while visiting family-run farms and restaurants. To try some of the specialties of the region is a must!

Where to Sleep?

where to sleep in fuzine

Summer is never too hot in the mountains but you can reach the coast fast and then enjoy cool summer nights in one of numerous accommodation units while breathing the pleasant night air of Gorski kotar. Winters are white and romantic and you can easily fall in love while getting warm and cosy by the fire place.

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Where to Run?

Use the advantage of being in a beautiful intact nature of the Gorski kotar county, breath the fresh air of hills, mountains, forests and let yourself go into a real running adventure exploring lots of known, but also a lot of hidden trails in, and especially, around Fužine town.

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Fužine Run

This green run will take you around the Bajer Lake. While you enjoy your run, you'll learn more about the town of Fužine, its history and some traditions that can only be seen here. Getting to know more about about the county Gorski kotar you'll probably want to see more nearby sights after you run.

Startning point: Parking lot by the gas station

Distance: 6.5 km 

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