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Mali Lošinj


Discover island of vitality and the town of Mali Lošinj

With SightRun App you can now discover  the beautiful town of Mali Lošinj while running. Islad Lošinj is claimed to be one of the healthiest destination in Croatia, so this run is not just for exploration but for boosting your health.

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What to See and Do?

Losinj island view

Photo: TZ Mali Losinj Joshua Cirjak

Mali Lošinj dates back to the 12th century. It eventually developed as a port town. In the late 19th century it was recognized as a destination suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases and turned to tourism due to a specific climate. The island started to transform into a trendy Austro-Hungarian winter health resort and turned to tourism. Combine history and nature, discover trails, make a day trip to islands Ilovik, Susak and Unije, try to catch dolphins. Put on your bucket list a visit to a museum dedicated to the 2,000 year-old bronze statue of Apoxymenos.

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Where and What to Eat?

Losinj island cuisine

Photo: TZ Mali Losinj / Joshua Cirjak

Taste the Mediterranean! While on Lošinj discover local delights traditionally prepared. No matter if you love fish, seafood, or you'd rather have lamb or something veggie like pasta and vegetables, everything you try will be filled with aromas of the finest olive oil and island herbs. Try buzara, risottos, homemade pasta, salads, octopus and squid dishes. Finish your gastro voyage with local cakes and a sip of liqueur. For your gastro bucket list let's add the prawns from the Kvarner bay (the world's finest!) and a pale red crustacean (a number one in the authentic offer of Croatian specialties).


Where to Sleep?

Mali losinj night view

Photo: TZG Mali Lošinj / Sandro Tariba

Camping or Glamping, family and boutique hotels, villas or apartments, choose what ever you like the most. Lošinj offers you an amazing experience of small Adriatic towns. Lošinj is a famous climatic health resort suitable for treating diseases of the respiratory tract and allergies. The local hotels offer weekend and week’s anti-stress and wellness programmes.


Where to Run?

Oscar piljek_trail_mali losinj

Photo: TZG Mali Lošinj / Oscar Piljek

Be active during your stay in Mali Lošinj. You can start your active stay with SightRun App and then discover more amazing trails by the sea or the ones that will take you to the hidden bays and beaches. Plan your day for a longer run (or hike) to Osorčica mountain. Over 220 km of walking and cycling trails are winding through Lošinj and nearby islands. 


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Mali Lošinj Run

Known as the island of vitality and having health tourism as an important tradition for more than 125 years, we think that running is the perfect way to get to know the town and the island. The thick pine forests and medical herbs fragrances create an unique aromatherapy in the open.

Startning point: Mali Lošinj main square

Distance: 5.0 km 

Runners said Yesss!

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