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The Best Tip on – Where to Run in Pula?

By SightRun | Pula city

Jun 05
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Need an idea on where to run in Pula? Then you are at the right place. We love Pula and it was a great experience creating a SightRun Pula tour. With the help of the local runners, our friends, we’ve made a list of interesting places for a nice run. Take a look, put on your running shoes and let us know how was your run!

1. Cape Kamenjak

Just a little bit south of city of Pula is a real nature gem Cape Kamenjak, an ideal spot for running. A nature park settled on a peninsula of 9 kilometres long, well-indented coast of about 30 kilomteres of bays, capes and beaches with rocky little coves surrounding  each side. This challenging route is full of stones, so you have to pay close attention to where you’re running. This area is one of the most visited on the peninsula. The great amount of different flora will make your run seem like a real jungle adventure! When you finish take a swim in a gorgeous crystal clear water and enjoy one of the hidden beach bars along the cape.

2. Fažana – Peroj

A great daily run through the path by the sea with an amazing view on the Brijuni islands. The path is a mixure of asphalt and macadam. Starting from a beautiful little place called Fažana, considered to be a pearl of the west Istrian coast, this route will take you about 3 kilometres to Peroj, even a smaller place, very peaceful and quiet. So don’t hesitate to take this beautiful run towards north of the city of Pula and when you’re done, give yourself a treat on a traditional Anchovy fest!

3. Šijana forest

Feel like running through the woods? Šijana Forest will sweep you of your feet! If you find yourself in Pula, you must not miss this place because it’s rare to see a little forest only 2 kilometres from the very centre of Pula, rugged with narrow zigzag paths. The route is circle, abot 5 kilometres long and the surface is ground. What could be better for a pleasant run! It’s favorite recreation place for the people of Pula so don’t be suprised to see a lot of worthy runners there.

4. Lungomare seafront

Trully magnificent four kilometre promenade by the city, starting from the Valkana city beach to the other city beach, Sailor beach, or the other way around. Settled between calming pine trees from one side and rocky sea coast on another side. The surface is asphalt, but if you want to go outside of the main path, there’s a bunch of little zigzag paths full of green vegetation where you can jump over them because you don’t know when it’s gonna appear!

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5. City Run Pula

The best way to explore the city is to take a nice slow run through the main city centre, from one side of the town to another. Pula, old Roman city will surprise you with its beautiful and very old narrow stone alleys, which are literally calling you to see what’s behind the next corner.

So go and feel free to loose yourself in the city but don’t be surprised if at one moment a real Roman colosseum shows up right in front of you, because, yes, it is a real colosseum from Roman times, just like the one in Rome, only smaller.

Combine running and sightseeing

If you really want to discover Pula during your run, we suggest you take SightRun App to guide you around. SightRun Pula tour will take you by all the major city attractions. The starting point of the tour is in front of the Arena and the tour is 5 km long. Just enough for the great morning run before the streets get crowded.
SightRun Pula tour is supported by Pula Tourism Office

6. Punta Christo

Settled on the Štinjan peninsula, this awesome running trail is about six and a half kilometres long and it goes from the city of Pula to the little place Štinjan. The trail is entirely surrounded by lush green landscape and it goes along the northern part of the Pula bay to the coastline 19th century fortress Punta Christo. After a nice run relax yourself below a beautifl lighthouse with an amazing view.

7. Pula – Štinjan – Fažana

This route is in a well-protected bay and also one of the best natural harbors on the Adriatic. It is a little bit more demanding but only in the length sense because it’s 23 kilmetres long, and in the surface sense, you’re gonna enjoy it, very nice and easy so you can enjoy various remnants of the Austro-Hungarian military heritage. Very interesting and most unusual route in this part of the region.

8. Austro-Hungarian fortifications trail

Also one very interesting route and just a little bit more demanding. It starts in the Pula harbour and it goes from one fortress to another. The first point is up to hill where fortification called Kaštel is situated. The next stop is on another hill, by the Munida fortification. Then you’re off to Zonchi cave and Monte Grosso fortification to reach the Štinjan bay. We guarantee you’ll be proud of yourself after this, among other things, also very educational run!

9. La Parenzana

This route starts from a beautiful small city of Grožnjan, also called „The artist city“. It’s a special feeling to start your run on that trail. The further path will lead you to cross some bridges and pass through small tunnels. The route is special because it takes you through authentic old Istrian villages full of small round stone houses, certainly a must see. After the run you deserved a real Istrian specialty, the truffles, in a village Livade, which is famous for truffles.