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Where to run in Fužine?

By SightRun | running events

Sep 01

Use the advantage of being in a beautiful intact nature of the Gorski kotar county, under thick and very old trees, hills, mountains and let yourself go into a real running adventure exploring lots of known, but also a lot of hidden trails in, and especially, around Fužine town.

Running in fresh mountain air on several slightly demanding routes will raise your run-scale and boost up your condition. Our recommendation to those who want to get to know Fužine and its surroundings better while running, is to try the SightRun Fužine tour. The tour is in English and yes it’s free.

Well, if you wonder where to run in Fužine here are a few tips on where to find a good trail or what running event to attend:

Fužine Half Marathon – Three lakes

This a really special race whose route goes around three lakes. You can imagine the constant view at the trees and the water – a complete run zen! The race is being held in June so if you find yourself by that time in Fužine, don’t miss this race!

Official page: Fužine Half Marathon

Risnjak trail

A race through the national park, could a runner want more? Deep and thick forest and magnificent view of the peaks give this race a special touch. The start and the finish of the race is in Crni Lug. The race is being held in July. Crni Lug is only 25 km from Fužine.

Discover more trails: Kvarner trails

Ličko field run

Fužine are a small city so besides the city run, there are routes from the city towards its surroundings through beautiful nature scenes. It’s a trully amazing thing that Fužine can provide you so much different run in many ways. Four kilometres southeast from Fužine is the Ličko field route. A pure pleasure running through the area surrounded with mountains. The field is covered with pebble and the route takes you by the gorgeous little river. If you go through the full route, you’ll pass by several beautiful lakes which are trout spawning.

Lake Bajer run

Set your route from Fužine centre towards Bajer lake. There’s a long promenade following the length of the lake all the way through the forest. Beautiful run where you’ll enjoy the view on the lake and lots od birds which find their water oasis there. The promenade is a mixure of clay and pebble, also very straight.

Don’t forget to take SightRun App with you. During your run by the Lake Bayer you can learn something about Fužine and the area. Also, the app will navigate you the whole way so you don’t have to worry where you’ll end up. Download SightRun App and go for a run!

Lake Bajer

Lake Lepenica run

This route will take you around the biggest lake in Fužine. A beautiful natural running terrain through even more woods will provide you with lots of green comfort during your run. The route is more demanding beacuse it’s more a hilly terrain with lots of zigzag’s on the way. Your run will pass in no time because of the most interesting surroundings and views by the lake. There’s also the easier way seven kilometres long promenade by the lake.

Winnetou run

The route got its name by the shooting of the famous Winnetou movie in this very area. This route is a must when you’re in Fužine. It’s no coincidence that the movie was filmed here so running through so alive Winnetou scenery will make your run one of the kind and something to remember. Pure intact nature with fresh air on a slightly demanding route will give you all the pleasure a runner can ask for!

Forest fairy tale run

Also one of the highly interesting and different routes! It’ll take you four kilometres from Fužine center towards Lič, a village nearby. They call this place a forest fairy tale beacause of the unbelievable and surreal nature scenes and also because of the animals on the way! So while enjoying this run trough thick net of trees, your company will, at certain times, be a deer, rabbit, hedgehogs, birds and lots of other forest animals.

Bitoraj run

This is a more demanding run beacuse the route will take you from Fužine towards Bitoraj mountain. It’s a small mountain without high peaks, but it is a mountain, so it’s slightly demanding, but nothing what can’t be done with pleasure. You don’t have to run all the way around the mountain of course, the route will take you from Fužine to the bottom of the mountain and it’s full of zigzag paths, mainly clay, somewhere pebble. This is an amazing running route considering the greenery, surroundings and lifting up your run scale.