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Where to run in Rovinj?

By SightRun | Runner Friendly Destination

Jun 06
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So, we know that runners always wonder if there will be good and nice places to run while on holiday. Although you can always chose to run with SightRun app and discover city along the way, we’ve gathered some places so you can get an idea where to run in Rovinj.

Any path you chose, we are sure that you’ll enjoy your run. Here are our tips on where to run in Rovinj:

1. Old city Rovinj run

Old city of Rovinj is a perfect little town to explore with your running shoes. Known as one of the most picturesque and romantic towns on Mediterranean, Rovinj rises up on a peninsula.  The route will take you few kilometres through town’s colorful buildings with a gorgeous overview on city’s most important sights. In the old city core you’ll run through many narrow streets with artistic spirit that will eventually take you up to the hill where St. Eufemia church is placed. One more unusual thing you’ll enjoy while running are the characteristically designed chimneys. 

2. Park-Forest Punta Corrente (Golden Cape)

About 1,5 kilometres south of Rovinj centre the Golden Cape, also known as Punta Corrente Forest Park, is a running heaven in Rovinj and its surroundings.

Most beautiful nature park in Istria is planted with Himalayan cedars, stone pines and cypress which all together create a cool, shady forest, ideal for a worthy run in nature’s peace and silence. Running route is even a bit adventurous because of its rocks, but it also circles around beaches, so there’s something for everyone! And if you continue to run, your route will get you to a protected ornithological reservation Palud, unique place where you can hear the chirping of 215 different bird species!

If you worry about getting lost, take SightRun app to guide you. You can find a free audio running tour – Golden Cape Run that is 8km long. Just about right distance!

3. Borik & Monsena (North of Rovinj)

Borik is an ideal place to go for a run if you find running through pebbly beach surrounded by greenery pleasant and relaxing. Enjoying sight over crystal clear water with a beautiful view of the old town and the island of Figarola, your run will be something you’ll never forget. Monsena is formed by smooth rocks and gravel. There’s a winding gravel road with each side wrapped in a beautiful dense vegetation. So, start at the popular pebble beach and find some peace and quiet in one of the secluded rocky coves.

4. Campsites south of Rovinj (along the sea)

Running through and along the campsites in Rovinj is interesting and colorful during all seasons. There are routes which are designed for running but also you’ll find various routes which will make your way through intact nature, like running through paradise itself!

Campsite Amarin – Overlooking the spire of St. Euphemia and the Rovinj old town skyline from its beach, Campsite Amarin is known for its abundance of running routes that make it an ideal running retreat.

Campsite Porton Biondi –Located less than 1 kilometer away from the center of Rovinj on a terraced hillside covered with pine and olive trees alongside a partially sandy beach. A run along the beach on a pathway that connects the campsite with the city, reveals a stunning view of the old town and the sea.

Campsite Veštar –Embraced by a pine tree forest and situated in deep blue bay, running through this camp will take you to the unforgettable sights of nature: watch the sunset from the pitches in the first line to the sea or get into a dense pine tree forest, where natural shade creates a running oasis. Pure satisfaction!

Campsite Polari –This camp is an active-holiday camp, so running there shall make your motivation and persistence rise on higher level because everywhere you take a look you’ll see people doing sports. So don’t hesitate, put on your running shoes and go for your personal best ever feeling highly motivated by people’s energy surrounding you!

Campsite Ulika –Running through the shade of hundred-year-old oak trees and a Blue Flag beach? Yep, you’re on the right place! Fabulous route for runners who like to stay in touch with nature.  As in the past this entire estate was an olive grove, some plot have beautiful old olive trees, which adorn the plot as well as the whole camp.

Campsite Val Saline –Go for a run through camp’s private beach! Very neat and well maintained running route in green surroundings will make you run pure pleasure. Most interesting thing about this route is that it’s situated 5 kilometres from Rovinj centre and if you start in the centre, you’ll enjoy an area waiting to be explored all along the way!

Campsite Valalta – Sandy beach turning into pebble beach is an ideal place for a little bit more demanding run: first you’ll experience sandy run and just when you got used to your running shoes intrusioning into sand, your next challenge is pebble run, so watch out ☺

Campsite Mon Paradis – This campsite is located right on the sea. Beautiful and peaceful run along the sea in the shade of ancient olive trees, overlooking Rovinj islands in unforgettable sunsets. Breathing fresh and pure sea air, enjoying all scents and landscape while running, totally priceless!

Let us know I you have some other tip on where to run in Rovinj! Enjoy your run!