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Zagreb 80s museum

By SightRun | zagreb

Mar 04

If you ever wondered how do locals really live and how do their apartments look like, Zagreb 80s museum is a very unique possibility to do just that. And even though the museum is dedicated to showing everyday life in the former Yugoslavia, I can tell you that many of the apartments still look just like that! 🙂 Or at least all the ones I looked at which were available for rent. 🙂

Ok, jokes aside, the ZAGREB 80’s is a very unique and interactive way of portraying an important part of our culture. As a guest of the museum you can interact with all the installations and as they say: Make yourself feel like at home.

Yes, there is no fence and no ropes which means you are free and actually encouraged to touch, feel and interact with the objects. It may recall some sweet moments and evoke nostalgia when seeing things such as old video games, personal computers, mobile phones and other objects which entered our world in the 1980’s. Current highlight of the exhibition is a bright yellow minuscule old-timer Zastava 750. And you can also buy some cool retro souvenirs there.

The exhibition is spread across 6 rooms and each object has a unique background story. Some objects were donated to the museum by the owners’ friends and the museum keeps this tradition by continuing to welcome donations of your 80’s items.

If your item is accepted you will be entitled with a free pass, but note that they do have limited space in the museum so not all items might be accepted.

The museum is open every day of the week (except major holidays) from 11am till 9pm. Entrance price is 40 kn for adults (about 5,50€) with discounts for seniors, students, children and groups.

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