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5 New Tours Ready for Running

By SightRun | Runner Friendly Destination

Dec 03
5 new running tours

Wow, wow, wow, finally our new SightRun tours are ready and you can now run more and explore more magnificent destinations in Croatia!

We’ve just published five new routes on SightRun App and this time we are taking you to the continental part of Croatia. We’ve chosen Osijek, Varaždin, Karlovac, Samobor and a small town of Fužine in Gorski kotar to show you more lovely running destinations that we also like.

The idea came through a entrepreneurship program Pokreni nešto svoje. We wanted to support destinations in the continental part of Croatia that don’t get so much attention as destinations in the coastal area. Yes, we do love sun, sea and sand, but our vacation is always much more than just laying around and doing nothing. We can’t be still, we want to explore, we want to be active, we want to experience more! And we know that you want more!

SightRun – Fužine, Samobor, Karlovac, Osijek & Varaždin

In Fužine you will enjoy running by the lake, you’ll explore vast green forests and taste amazing local dishes. Karlovac will surprise you with its parks, promenades, the river Koran and the old town. Samobor will reward your activity with delicious local delicacies and entertain you during carnival times! Varaždin, many do not know that it was once the capital of Croatia, a city that is adorned with numerous Baroque palaces, and which is a must seen place at the time of Špancirfest. And lastly – Osijek, a city on the Drava River, where you will always be a dear guest of Slavonians…

If you are not sure why to visit these places, we are preparing for you a list of the attractions that you must see, things to do, restaurants to visit and a list of running places and races to think of. If you want to go to Gorski kotar, check our page Running in Fužine. For more tips about the city on four rivers, check our page Running in Karlovac. If you plan to go to Slavonia, visit our page Running in Osijek. If Varaždin is your next destination, check tips on Running in Varaždin. And while you are in Zagreb, don’t hesitate to explore its surroundings! Visit our page Running in Samobor and see why you can’t leave without trying Samoborska kremšnita cake!

All tours are still circular in length between 5 and 7 kilometres. They are available in Croatian and English. And YES, the SightRun app is still free for everyone and is available on Google Play and the App Store.