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Jun 28

Free Karlovac Tours

By SightRun | Nekategorizirano

This summer Karlovac invites you to explore its history and hidden spots. Karlovac Tourist Board has organized a few free tourist tours for individual visitors. These upcoming walking tours are free of charge with essential booking at: / 098 246 584 / 091 441 7032 / 098 176 9611 1. A walk through the Karlovac Star […]

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Jan 23

Where to Run in Poreč?

By SightRun | Poreč

Take your running shoes and go for a run around Poreč. There are no excuses to just sit or lay at the beach when you can be active! To help you with your question “where can I run in Poreč” we’ve have some tips for your. Do you know you can run in Poreč with […]

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Jan 15

Where and What to Eat in Fužine?

By SightRun | Fužine

Good food, for active people! The most interesting thing about this region’s cuisine is that it came from a variety of influences and through the long history this area was always the poorest in Croatia, but the diversity and the amount of dishes which are traditional in this region is actually fascinating and will make […]

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Nov 20

What to See and Do in Samobor?

By SightRun | Samobor

Welcome to Samobor! Continue your adventure through Croatia by visiting this charming town just half an hour drive from the centre of Zagreb. Running in Samobor is always an option but you’ll want to experience more! We know it’s always hard find a reason to make a turn and maybe make new travel plans, but […]

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Sep 01

Where to run in Fužine?

By SightRun | running events

Use the advantage of being in a beautiful intact nature of the Gorski kotar county, under thick and very old trees, hills, mountains and let yourself go into a real running adventure exploring lots of known, but also a lot of hidden trails in, and especially, around Fužine town. Running in fresh mountain air on […]

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Aug 05

Running events in Poreč and nearby

By SightRun | Poreč

Besides the regular running league in Poreč, you can take place in following races: 1. Plava Laguna Half Marathon Plava Laguna half marathon takes stand in Poreč every year to thrill everyone who loves running. The town of Poreč and Plava Laguna host runners looking to try their hand at a half marathon. It’s starting from […]

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Aug 02

What to do in Poreč?

By SightRun | Poreč

We know that some of you don’t have problem when thinking on how to fulfil your day. For those that don’t have an idea on what to do in Poreč, we’ve made a list of some of the activities that you can try. Perhaps even for the first time in your life! Make your vacation […]

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Jul 25

What to see in Poreč?

By SightRun | Poreč

And while you can spend days discovering all interesting sites of Poreč and in its surroundings for every destinations in SightRun App we always try to give you highlights on what there is to see. And now, if you wonder what to see in Poreč, here is our short list. If you want to see […]

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Jul 21

Where to eat in Poreč?

By SightRun | Poreč

As always food is one of the most important things for us runners. That’s why we think it was necessary to find out where to eat in Poreč. So, here is our list of some restaurants: 1. Restaurant St. Nicholas A restaurant with the superb location by the seafront, opposite the island it was named […]

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