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Running events in Poreč and nearby

By SightRun | Poreč

Aug 05
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Besides the regular running league in Poreč, you can take place in following races:

1. Plava Laguna Half Marathon

Plava Laguna half marathon takes stand in Poreč every year to thrill everyone who loves running. The town of Poreč and Plava Laguna host runners looking to try their hand at a half marathon. It’s starting from the hotel Parentium, going through the Plava Resort, all the way to the centre of Poreč and back towards Funtana and the hotel Parentium. The race is being held in March.

More info: Plava Laguna Half Marathon

2. Run Fest Poreč

Run Fest Poreč

Run Fest is a competition of 5 and 10 kilometers that takes place within the Sport Fest Poreč (Conference and Fair) and runs through the center of Poreč. It’s a very happy and a very loud race because a lot of competitors are not usual runners but they love to run and say that the good will is counting the most. The race is being held in October.

More about the race: Run Fest Poreč

Poreč Triathlon

3. Poreč Triathlon

A race on excellent location, good date of event, microclimate conditions, not demanding and accessible entry fee for all participants. Swimming by the old town, cycling through vineyards, running at the Lungo mare and a finish line in downtown of Poreč will give you a memorable experience. The race is being held in October.

Official page: Poreč Triathlon

4. Istrian winter running league

The 14th anniversary of the Istrian winter league says how popular running in Istria is. As far as Poreč is concerned, the city is in the second round which is being held in November. There are different recreational 6 or 9 kilometre races being held throughout the entire winter.

Organizer: Trickeri

5. Light Run – Funtana

A new race from SD Trickeri workshop called LIGHTS RUN which is scheduled for the first time on 14/09/2019 with start at Funtana at 21:00. The race is of an entertaining character and as such it can serve as a warm and good overture for other races that follow in autumn.

It is 8km long, fast and 100% on the asphalt pavement. It is held at night with various interesting light effects.

Run in the dark with Light Effects!

More info: LightRun