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Visit the island of Brač and discover the town of Supetar

Exploring Croatian island with SightRun can take you south to island of Brač. Choose Supetar town as your starting point for exploring the island.

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What to See and Do?

Supetar what to see and do

Photo: TZG Supetra / Mariana Marinovic

While visiting Supetar take time to explore thematic trail "Hercules",  hike all the way to Vidova gora, the highest point of island Brač, or take a guide to tell you more about the history. You can also discover cultural sights such as Mirje, hermitage Blaca, the emperor Franz Joseph's bridge, the Roman stone quarries, Dragon's cave in Murvica or visit the Etno village Dol, and enjoy "Klapa" singing.


Where and What to Eat?

what to eat on supetar Sanja Grgic_w

Photo: TZ Supetar / Sanja Grgić

One really gets to know destination when tasting its cuisine and Brač's cuisine is full of delights. Rich in fresh fish, seafood, great wines and extra virgin olive oils, local cuisine is better known (and proud) by the different ways of preparing lamb. A must are a vitalac  (original island dish) and hrapoćuša cake, both part of Croatian non-material cultural heritage.


Where to Sleep?

BANJ, Svpetrvs hoteli

Photo: TZ Supetar / Svpetrvs hoteli d.d.

Brač is popular among families with kids as well among tourists that look for outdoor adventures. Romantic views are inevitable. The accommodation offer is great but book in advance. Choose between hotels, private villas and apartments or even camps. Luxury experience is alway an option if you can afford it. 


Where to Run?

where to run on supetar Sanj Grgic_w

Photo: TZ Supetar / Sanja Grgić

You can enjoy an easy run by the sea but if you're a fan of the trail running, Brač is one remarkable island that offers plenty of  trails. Let's not forget that Brač is the largest island in Dalmatia and its tallest peak, Vidova gora, stands at 780 m, making it the highest island point of the Adriatic islands.


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Supetar Run

Supetar is a real island town and the biggest Brač's village. It is an excellent starting point for exploring this beautiful and diverse island. Supetar abounds with points of historical heritage which is not suprising as its history goes back to the period of Roman emperors. Try this tour, we know you'll want to explore more afterwards!

Startning point: Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Distance: 5.0 km 

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