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SightRun mobile app – what you should know on how it works

By SightRun | sight running

Jan 02

SightRun mobile app is a mobile app for audio guided running tours. It was brought to you by a group of enthusiastic runners who also like to travel and experienced a problem themselves. When traveling to a new destination we didn’t know where to go for a run or where it’s safe to run.

That is why we’ve decided to put our professional skills into this running startup and decided to develop this app so that we, runners all over the world, can enjoy our favorite activity even when we travel.

While developing this app we came to a conclusion that this app is perfect for locals also. It is a great way to break your running routine and try something different while practicing your daily run. And in the meantime, you can learn something new about the city where you live. We know that we did learn a lot about our city.

We’ve put a great effort to develop this app and to give you a great user experience. We know that sightrunning is something relatively new in the running world so we will try to explain to you how this app works and hopefully you will give us your enthusiastic feedback that we are on the right track.

SightRun mobile app choose the city

Step by step on how to use SightRun mobile app

After you download the SightRun mobile app (1) from the Apple Store or Google Play Store you can easily sign in (2) using Facebook or Gmail account. If you don’t have Facebook or Gmail you can sign in using some other e-mail.

After signing in you will be able to choose from different cities (3) for which we’ve created SightRun tours. When selecting the city you want to run, the app will list tours that we created for you. We provide you information for each of the tour so you can decide if this tour is the best one for you and finally you can download the tour (4) and go for a run (5).

We think that the most important information is the tour distance (km) and our estimation of how long the tour will take you. This, of course, depends on the pace of the runner and the number of stops taken in front of the main attractions.

Information about the SightRun tours

We provide you with the information in 4 different tabs:

  • ABOUT: here you will find information regarding the starting point, length of the tour, short description and the list of attractions that you’ll see when running this tour.
  • MAP: a preview of the route where the app will take you for a run so that you can see in which part of the city you’ll go and try to determine how far you are from the starting point.
  • PHOTOS: a great way to have a preview of the main attractions which you’ll see during the tour.
  • REVIEWS: maybe the best information you can have about the tour is from runners who have already did it.

SightRun mobile app tours

Downloading a SightRun tour

When you decide which tour you like and would like to go for a run, you need to download the tour on your mobile phone. The main reason for this is that you can run tours while offline without spending expensive roaming data.

We suggest you do all the necessary preparation where you have access to FREE WiFi and after downloading the tour and clicking on “Lead me to the starting point”, you can turn off your mobile data and start your run. But you must have your GPS location on (which is free of charge) in order to go to the starting point, start the tour and successfully finish the tour.

You downloaded the SightRun mobile app, picked the city where you want to run, downloaded the tour and finally decided to go for a run using SightRun mobile app. Now the best part of SightRun app is about to come. You’re probably in front of your hotel and you click on the “Lead me to the starting point”. You will be led to the starting point from your current position and taken to the point where the magic starts.

Begin your run at the starting point

When you arrive to the starting point you will access the screen where the great blue play button appears (among other buttons). Put on your headphones, press play button and let yourself be guided by the app.

See for yourself how it feels to run in a new city or in your own when you don’t know where you will go. And after a few audio instructions and turns, you’ll start feeling safer and run with more confidence in the app and its instructions.

But, if at any time you feel that you’re lost because for a longer period of time you didn’t hear anything from the app you can always take the phone and look at the running screen with the map. Because of that, we’ve created several small, but very important functionalities to keep you on the right track:

  1. Your current position – all the time the app’s GPS tracks your current location and it is displayed on the map
  2. Tour line with arrows – shows you the direction in which you must run to complete the tour successfully.
  3. Next point icon – this is to show you where the following audio file will be triggered.
  4. Repeat button – every audio file can be repeated if necessary. After one audio file is triggered and it is broadcasted on your earphones it will be available on the Repeat button until the next audio file is triggered. This can be handy when you are not sure about the last directions that were given to you.
    We are aware that your mind can go for a break while running and because of that, you can miss information that is given to you.

SightRun mobile app description

We sincerely hope that you’ve passed all the points on the route and arrived to the last point where the tour ends. We will inform you that the tour is over and you can start gathering your impressions about this new adventure.

First we will kindly ask you to give us your rating about the tour after which you will see the Summary. Summary is the evidence that you successfully finished SightRun tour and that you have become a SightRunner. Summary screen offers you the possibility to share this experience with your friends on the social networks.

That’s that.

We have put a great effort to develop this app and even greater effort to create every tour you will find there. Everything is here for you to have an extraordinary running experience.

Do not believe us? Then try it for yourself. Do not be the last one in the crowd that has not run with SightRun app. In the meantime, we will work hard to prepare new cities for the app.

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