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Sljeme Marathon

By SightRun | running in zagreb

Mar 02

Sljeme Marathon is the first trail race in Croatia. The first edition was organized on August 27th, 2000 on Medvednica mountain, Zagreb. At that time trail as an official running discipline still didn`t exist in Croatia and neither did long distance mountain running.

Sljeme marathon is the biggest mountain race in Croatia with over 500 participants. Not only because of the attractive trail course, but also because of a great organization team, long tradition and unique finisher medals.

Sljeme Marathon 2018 / Photo: Zoran Kos

The race starts and finishes at “Sljeme” the highest peak of Medvednica mountain and is usually held on a Sunday around the 10th of July. The temperatures are usually very high then and runners are happy to escape to the shades of the mountain.

The race is ran in laps, and you can choose whether you want to run 1, 2 or 3 laps. Each one is about 14 km long.

If you’re looking to run a really cool race in Zagreb during summer and you don’t mind trail running, then Sljeme Marathon is really a great choice. After the race there is a party with a live rock band and a DJ after that. People enjoy the afternoon listening to music and hanging out with friends. There is no lack of traditional mountain food (beans with sausages) and cold beer and it ends up being a perfect day in the nature no matter how (un)successful your race went.

Sljeme Marathon 2018 / Photo: Zoran Kos

You can reach Sljeme either by public transport (tram 14 till Mihaljevac and then bus for the Sljeme peak) or drive up with a car. Hopefully we’ll soon again have a cable car (currently under construction).

To register check out the organizer’s website: Sljeme Marathon