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What to do in Poreč?

By SightRun | Poreč

Aug 02

We know that some of you don’t have problem when thinking on how to fulfil your day. For those that don’t have an idea on what to do in Poreč, we’ve made a list of some of the activities that you can try. Perhaps even for the first time in your life! Make your vacation in Poreč memorable and stay active during your holiday!

1. Waterskiing

Try yourself in waterskiing in the Green lagoon resort where the ski lift and wakeboard park is settled. Ski lift has a 700 meters of cableways and five kickers available for fun jumps. Beginners can pay by the hour for instruction and practice with helmet and the equipment which is ofcourse an obligatory. The ski lift station doubles up as a summer attraction even for those not taking part in it, as its bar and restaurant are popular hangouts for the local people as well.

2. Olive oil picking and tasting

While in Poreč it would be ideal for you to visit the olive grow fields. In Porec there are many small producers who make extra virgin olive oil of great quality. Istrian olive oil is famous all around the world like one of the best ones and the best in Croatia. There are a lot of tours as well on which you’ll go to a small family estate where you’ll experience the olive picking and later on, the tasting of olive oil with home made bread and cheese. It’s very worth to see the ways and processes of producing olive oil. And it also makes an excellent souvenir to bring back home. You can buy it at small shops in the city as well, just outside of Poreč green market.

3. Visit Dino park

Set in an ancient quarry in a village Funtana, a half-way between Poreč and Vrsar, Dino park is a great plan for a day trip. Thick pine forest surrounding the park ensures good shades and cool breeze on hot summer days. With over 1500 meters of paths, dozens of life-size electric dinosaurs, big number of amusement rides and small farm, Dino Park is a great place to visit while in Poreč.


4. Parenzana trail

An old railroad connecting Poreč with Trieste, called the Parenzana, today presents a popular tourist trail. Since 2014 you can also experience the trail aboard an electric train that runs between Vižinada and Motovun. The round trip takes at least three hours. But, if you are looking for a more active way to explore Istria, then take a bike or go for a hike! Due to rough surface in some places, the trail is suitable for mountain bikes, but not for road and trekking bikes. Bike riding on Parenzana is at your own risk.

For more information check out official web pages Parenzana trail

Source: Parenzana.net

5. Baredine Cave

A small underground cave located near Nova Vas, five kilometres from Poreč, the Baredine Cave is a popular natural site. A guided visit takes about 40 minutes. The path is 300 meters long and it passes through five chambers and descends 60 meters down to the underground lake. The lowest point of the cave lies at 132 meters below the ground. Cave’s temperature is at 14°C. This cave is the first speleological object and the first geomorphological natural monument valorised for tourist visits.

Official page: Baredine Cave

6. Water activities

At almost all of Poreč beaches you’ll find the great variety of water activities to enjoy the sea. The most visited are: jet ski rental, banana ride, tubes, para-sailing and the boat and pedal rental. Exploring Poreč coastline on your own with a rented motor boat is a fabulous way to spend a day on the sea. Also there areone-person kayakrents andtwo-person kayaks.So abandon yourself to the sea fun and enjoy!

7. Diving

Diving centre in Poreč offers instruction and guided dives to sites around the area, as far as the Limski kanal goes. Beginners can start with a basic two-hour scuba session and more seasoned divers can explore Žontulo, Frižital reef and around Saint Nicholas island. Diving Centre Poreč holds a special permit from the Croatian Ministry of Culture and they take more experienced divers to see the wreck of the Coriolanus, a Royal Navy trawler that sank with fourty men on May 5th 1945, only two days before the German surrender was signed.

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8. Wine tasting

Wine tasting in Poreč and its surroundings is absolutely a must. Istrian local made wines are high quality wines and rather different from the other mediterannean wine-regions in Europe. The thing is in the grape sort and the way of pressing the grapes, the production itself. There are a lot of wineries in and around Poreč city, so go wine tasting for the day and you’re not gonna regret it even if you’re not a winelover, after Istrian wines, we guarantee you’ll become one!

9. (Always) Running

Well, if you are on our pages you must be a runner! So, don’t miss opportunity to run Poreč. You can do it on your own and find your own path or check our tips on where to run in Poreč.

We can also suggest that you download a SightRun App and let it guide you around the city and show you some interesting places and tell you amazing stories about Poreč. SightRun is a free mobile app for runners that want to explore one city and do their daily run at the same time. You don’t have to look at your mobile phone, just listen to the instructions (take your ear phones!); and you don’t have to keep someone else’s pace, because the app will follow yours.

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Don’t miss an opportunity to register for some of the races that are organised in Poreč or nearby. Make sure you check our post on The best running events in Poreč.

Let’s us know what other things you’ve tried besides the ones that we’ve mentioned here. Give us a tip on what we should put on our list! Have fun in Poreč!