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What to do in Rovinj during your visit

By SightRun | Rovinj

Jun 25
what to do in rovinj

And yet not just another small coastal Istrian town! Rovinj might be romantic, it might be cultural, but it can for sure offer enough interesting activities

1. Explore Park-forest Punta Corrente

Only about 1.5 kilometres south of central Rovinj Golden Cape, also known as Punta Corrente Forest Park,is the place to come for a taste of the outdoors. The interior has been planted with cedars, stone pines and cypress which mingle with the native holm oak and Alpine pines to create a cool, shady forest. A string of beachesare in between the forest and the sea while a sprinkling of islands provide restful vistas. Paths wind through the interior making it ideal for running. After that just head to one of the beaches where you can either throw down a towel or rent a lounge chair and swim or snorkel in the calm waters.

rock climbing rovinj

2. Go Rock Climbing

The climbing rock is part of the Forest Park Punta corrente and thanks to its location and sea proximity, it’s probably one of the most beautiful rocks in Croatia. The rock is facing westwards and is approximately 50 meters from the sea offering an amazing view of the Adriatic sea, the Rovinj peninsula and the nearby islands. There are about 80 routes to climb. Thanks to the mild climate climbing is possible from early spring to late autumn. The rock is in shade in the morning, until 1 pm, while climbing in the evening will make you enjoy the magnificent Rovinj summer sunsets.

3. Cycle on Rovinj Bike Paths

Rovinj area and its surroundings  provide 3 trails of 30 km and two longer, about 60 km for a little more demanding cyclists. Biking trails through natural forests along the coast or wine trails will provide indescribable pleasure that professional cyclists or bikers muont. Each trail is marked on the bicycle maps and is regularly maintained. Along the tracks at every crossroad there’s a road sign that indicates bike trails direction. Here are some bike trails for you: bike trail Rubin (Rovinj – Veštar – Rovinj, 29 km); bike trail St. Thomas (Rovinj – Monsena, 31km); bike trail St. Eufemia (Rovinj – Polari, 27km); bike trail of captain Morgan (Rovinj – Veštar, 61 km).

bike ride in rovinj

4. Bird watching

Palud, a swampy area 10 kilometres from Rovinj, is the only ornithological site in Istria. Due to its geomorphology, this site is a home to many migratory and resident birds, turtles, eels, mullets.. Birdwatching includes observation and study of birds with naked eye and with binoculars, telescopes and photographic equipment. Along the path there’s an observation point which allows an uninterrupted observation of birds in their natural environment and behavior during feeding, nesting, resting and socialization. There’s also an info center with a small permanent photo exhibition of birds taken in the reserve area. The site is open a year around, and it’s free of charge unless you would like to be accommpanied by a professional guide.

5. Scuba Diving

Rovinj is a popular destination amog scuba divers. The shipwreck Baron Gautsch is one of the best preserved and the most visited shipwrecks in all Croatia. Sunk in 1914, this passanger steamer was 85 meters long and 12 meters wide. Today it wreck lies at depths of 28-40 meters off the coast of Rovinj. Many local diving centers offer organized dives on the Baron Gautsch site.

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6. Sunset paddle

Go a bit different than a simple kayak tour. Take advantage of Adistria Sunset paddle tour. This 3-hour kayaking tour starts at the Punta Corrente and you paddle your way around St. Andrew’s and Maskin Islands and back to the Punta Corrente.

7. Horseback riding

Nature and adventure lovers can enjoy the adventure of horse riding and discover the beauty of Rovinj and its natural surroundings. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, equestrian centres and ranches with stallions and noble animals can offer and organize a variety of itineraries and trekking routes through which you can enjoy natural beauties and historical and cultural sights of Istria.  Moncerlongo Ranch is located on the main road to Rovinj. At the ranch you can spend a great day and have a simple meal made entirely of homegrown and locally products. The Sv. Eufemija riding club s nestled in the middle of the woods sorrounding Rovinj. This farm has became a small paradise for typical Croatian breeds like the istrian donkey, the istrian goat, the istrian Boškarin cattle, the Buša cattle and the Posavec horse.

8. Kayaking

Looking at Rovinj from the sea is a lovely sight and one of those magical experiences. While paddling, relaxed and taking your time to savour the moment, romantic views of the town and its colourful houses built on the edge of the sea will pass by in their full beauty and colour. Kayaking offers true freedom of movement taking you to the islands of Sv. Katarina, Sv. Andrija, Maškin, Sturag and Sv. Ivan and numerous charming islets and rocks.

summer night in rovinj

9. Croatian Summer Salsa Festival

During this event gentle, sensual Latin rhythms are heard on every corner of the town and all day long people dance salsa, bachata, kizomba. Imagine a perfect sunset. Temperature just about right so that you can wear summer clothes. Colors you have never seen in your life and your favorite salsa tune inviting you to dance. Imagine you’re surrounded by thousands of people from all over the world who feel that same sensation. And imagine giving in to the music and dancing your feet away. Done? Well that’s it, welcome to Croatian Summer Salsa Festival. From June 24th until July 1st.

Official page: Summer Salsa Festival

10. St. Lawrence’s Night

Imagine the summer sky filled with shooting stars. Extinguished street lighting, visual effects that recreate the facades of the main square, torches along the waterfront and thousands of candles on the tables of bars and restaurants. In the background, buzz of people combined with gentle musical tones spreading from seven stages scattered throughout the whole city. Truly unforgettable experience! Being held on August 10th.

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11. Batana Boat Parade

The parade starts at the small pier near the main town square, and it will take you around the beautiful old town to the spacio Matika in Vladimir Švalba Street, which can also be accessed by boat. During the boat parade visitors will be able to enjoy the melodies sung by folk bands . This is a place where residents of Rovinj not only kept, tasted and sold wine in their stone-built houses, but also socialised, dined, played briscola and tressette, sang and had fun. It’s being held through summer season.

12. Sailing and Rovinj´s regattas

Each year a number of interesting regattas are being held in Rovinj. The traditional ones are Pesaro – Rovinj – Pesaro, Chioggia – Rovinj – Chioggia, Cup Rovinj. Beside the above stated, on the occasion of celebrating the feast of St. Euphemia, the Rovinj Sailing Club organizes the optimist class regatta with a hundred young yachtsmen from Croatia and Slovenia.

13. Try local dishes

Taste some local dishes such as traditional Istrian pasta (the best known are fuži, pljukanci and potato gnocchi), wild asparagus (with home-made pasta and in frittatas), Istrian frittata (omelette made with domestic eggs, truffles, prosciutto, sausages, asparagus, mushrooms), Istrian žgvacet (Istrian stew with pieces of meat: chicken, beef, venison in thick sauce with polenta), boškarin (Istrian autochthonous cattle breed prepared as carpaccio with typical Istrian pasta or as steak), Istrian truffles  (bulbous underground mushroom), Ombolo (a part of the pork cutlet separated from the bone with salt, ground pepper and bay leaf), Istrian brandies (Istria’s holy trinity: biska, ruda and medica). So, if you wonder where to taste all this delicious food, make sure you check our post on Where to eat in Rovinj.

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Where to eat in Rovinj?

Not sure were to eat in Rovinj and taste local flavours? Just hop to our post Where to eat in Rovinj to get a few ideas.

14. Run and discover Rovinj

Go for a run! You can always go running by yourself in Rovinj ’cause it’s a great place for exploring and if you were wondering where to run and through which routes, you can check our post Where to run in Rovinj. Our recommendation to those who want to get to know Rovinj better while running is to try the SightRun mobile app which combines running and touristic sightseeing  and it offers three amazing tours in Rovinj. The app is free and tours are available in English, Italian and German. Have fun! Also you can join local races which are being held.

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