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What to See and Do in Samobor?

By SightRun | Samobor

Nov 20
Samobor by night

Welcome to Samobor! Continue your adventure through Croatia by visiting this charming town just half an hour drive from the centre of Zagreb. Running in Samobor is always an option but you’ll want to experience more!

We know it’s always hard find a reason to make a turn and maybe make new travel plans, but let us convince you that making a stop in Samobor is worth you time. Here are some tips on what to see and do in Samobor. And make sure you don’t stop on our tips, there are more natural and cultural sights nearby that you could visit.

Samobor glavni trg
Photo: TZG Samobor / Vladimir Bogovčić

King Tomislav Square

The main Samobor square was always a famous meeting spot for centuries and still is today. The locals simply call it „the square“ and they all know on which place it refers to. At the square are situated hotel, city hall, Samobor savings bank, the house of Julijana Cantilly, pharmacy, the former apartment of Antun Gustav Matoš. Samobor main square is one of the rare squares where there are no pigeons, just sometimes a sparrow is noticed. It was renovated in the year of 2002 and it became once again Samobor’s favorite place for having coffee, famous cream cake or just sitting at one of the several cute terraces enjoying life in small, beautiful and peaceful city!

Statue of Mother of God

This statue stands in front of Saint Anastasia church in the memory of killed people in the First World War. Soldiers from Samobor who were part of the Austro-Hungarian army were in the war and 480 of them lost their lives. The statue was put on it’s place in 1942. and was consecrated by the blessed Alojzije Stpinac.

Statue of Ferdo Livadić

By the real name Ferdinand Wiesner, he returned from studies in Austria to Samobor to take over his estate in the centre of the city. He accepted patriotic ideas and changed his name into Croatian version. Livadić welcomed important people of the Illyrian movement and although he was a town mayor a few times, his first love was music and one of his guests, playing his piano, was the famous Franz Liszt. Livadić wrote over 250 compositions and the most famous was Nocturno in F-sharp, one of the earliest examples of a nocturno in piano literature. Today, his home is the Samobor museum.

The grave of Julijana Cantilly

She was the muse of the great Croatian poet Stanko Vraz. In his verses Julijana became Ljubica in Croation version of her name, but she got married by the order of her father to a rich tradesman from Ljubljana. So this is Samobor’s Romeo and Juliet story, her grave really exsists in Samobor cemetary and all of Vraz’s poems are dedicated to her.

Statue of Antun Gustav Matoš

One of the greatest names of Croatian literature who spent a lot of time in Samobor with his friends. He came there on the invitation of his friend and just stayed. Matoš always praised the people of Samobor in his literature and they thanked him by this statue in his honor. The sentence he wrote about Samobor still is today the truth: „Beautiful is Samobor…Samobor is the bastion of Croatia and one of the most Croatian towns in Croatia.“ Still today the people of Samobor are proud of him and his work in Samobor.

Saint Anastazija church

Located in the centre of the city and leaning on the main square so together they make a recognizable picture of the town. The first record of the church dates back to the first part of 14th century. This beautiful church is the combination of many styles and elements and it belongs to the rare early baroque churches in Croatia. Also, it’s the only church in continental part of Croatia which is dedicated to Saint Anastasia. The bell tower is covered with copper plates and was renovated several times through the past. The bells were made into cannons during the First World War. We advise you to go into the church where you’ll see the altars from the 19th century, the exceptional stained glass windows and the organs from the year of 1900.

Saint Ana’s chapel

The most famous chapel in this area also thanks to a popular song „By the Saint Ana’s chapel“, but as well because of it’s beauty and specificity. It’s located in the woods of Anindol by the beautiful forest promenade. The church is the youngest of all baroque churches in Samobor and it has three altars ornamented with baroque paintings.

Meteorological Pillar

If you find yourself in Samobor please do not miss this interesting pillar with devices for measuring temperature, pressure and humidity. It was built by the town’s Society of Engineers and Technicians in order to remind their fellow citizens that in the beginning of the 20th century Samobor had its’ own meteorological pillar. It’s three and a half meters high and contains the devices for measuring short-term weather forecast, a clock and an UV radiation indicator.

Samobor Old Town
Ruins of ancient Old town on hill above Samobor – Photo: TZG Samobor / Davor Đopar

Visit Old Town Samobor

To visit this old town above today’s town of Samobor is a must because it’s a chance to see an old town-fortress built by the Czech king in 13th century. During the history many kings and noblemen were the masters of Samobor and a lot of royal and noble families lived in the fortress and were upgrading it through the centuries. The owners of the castle were often in conflict with the residents of Samobor because the city was a free royal market town and outside of the power range of the noblemen of the Old town above Samobor town. Today it’s a tourist attraction which was also the filming spot for the Jackie Chan movie. But unfortunately the entry to the Old town castle is at your own risk.

Visit the Mirnovec Manor

The manor is located in Velika Rakovica, nearby Samobor town, in a spacious park. It belongs to the tradition of simple manors of north-western Croatia and is a beautiful example of the late baroque building. For Croatian history, this building is special and important because in the year of 1870 the assembly of the National Party members took place there. For that occasion, the noble Ivan Zajc wrote the nusic to the poem „To the Samobor Town“.

Go fishing on the Bregančica stream

If you find yourself in Samobor, you must try fishing in the Nature Park. The Bregančica Stream is divided into three areas which are all different for itself. Fishing is allowed only with artificial flies and fly equipment and hooks bigger than 14 are not allowed, so that’s what would make your fishing trip there very interesting! Each fish, nevermind the size, must be let go when it’s catched by the system „catch and release“. The season is from the beginning of May and until the end of September. We strongly recommend it.

Go biking

The hills surrounding Samobor, but as well as the easier paths in and around the city, are a promising point for having a great bike ride. There are all kinds of routes, from very easy, by medium difficult, to demanding and challenging routes which are not recommended for everyone who can ride a bike. But anyhow, weather it’s recreation or sports, biking in Samobor hills is something not to be missed!

Go swimming in the pool

If you find yourself in Samobor area during the summer, then we advise you to go for a swimm in the famous Samobor outdoor swimming pool. It’s one very unique swimming pool, settled in nature, just nearby the woods and meadows, overlooking beautiful, thick, old trees. Imagine swimming in the hilly terrain atmosphere while it’s so hot outside, very refreshing and a beautiful landscape surrounding the pool from every side. The pool has been renovated in 2019.

Visit Old town Okić

Just five kilometres from Samobor you’ll find what is considered to be one of the oldest fortificated towns in Croatia. It’s located on a rocky peak of Plešivica hill and is a very rare example of preserved Romanesque architecture in continental Croatia. The fortress had the purpose of watching the area for centuries and the history says that it was never concquered. It dates back to the beginning of the 12th century and a lot of old Samobor noble families owned it during the past.

Samoborski licitari
Samobor licitar – Photo: TZG Samobor / Ivana Kokot

Explore the traditional crafts

Considering Samobor was always a town of amazing artisans and craftsmen, it would be impossible not to see some of their work even today on every corner of this beautiful city. In the 18th century there were 148 craftsmen in 28 different professions, which is a great deal for the size of Samobor city, and in the 19th century almost every third man in Samobor was a craftsman. Some of the crafts disappeared, like millers, hat makers, boot makers, blaccksmiths, but there are some of them which survived the changes of the new times and are still being run in small craft families in Samobor, such as products from glass, ceramics, crystal, hand-painted souvenirs, wooden doors and local specialties. When in Samobor, go explore old crafts of gingerbread and licitar makers, bermet and mustard products and crystal. Samobor bermet and muštarda are the two specialties of Samobor which always come together and represent the old Samobor tradition. Bermet is an aperitif, a drink before the meal or a drink to relax yourself. It’s made of red wine and carefully selected fruits and herbs. Muštarda is a traditional product prepared from mustard seeds with a drip of sweet must and ingredients which make a spicy sauce. It’s eaten with beef and sausages.

samoborski fasnik event
Samobor Fašnik – Photo: TZG Samobor / Edin Tuzlak

Go to Samobor masquerade

If you find yourself in Samobor in February, then you mustn’t miss the famous and very old event of Samobor masquerade – Samoborski Fašnik, which is being held in February every year. Even if you don’t want to be a part of it, it would be impossible because you couldn’t be in town during this crazy event without noticing them, cause they are everywhere! Samobor city lives the entire year for it’s greatest and oldest event in this area and it’s very visited from people not only from Croatia, but from people all over the region. Just to say that this year’s (2019.) traditional Samobor masquerade was the 193rd, so you can imagine how old this tradition is. It lasts for two weeks and the programme is full of great concerts, exhibitions, parades, shows for grown ups and for kids as well. People come to Samobor dressed up in their favorite mask and costume, all kinds of traditional and international food and drinks are available on the streets of Samobor and the atmosphere is known as relaxed, easy going and hilarious. So put your favorite mask and some make up on and straight to Samobor where you’ll forget everything and be who ever you wish to be in those two weeks of Samobor masquerade.

In 2020. Samobor Fašnik will be held from 14th to 25th February.

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Have a day trip to Zaprešić with ferry boat at Medsave

From Samobor city you can take a ferry and be in Zaprešić city in no time! Ok, not literally but the journey really is 17 kilometres shorter by this unusual transfer over the river Sava and a reminder of the old times how it used to be. If you decide to go, you’ll have to find the ferryboat operator which is transfering hikers and cyclists from one bank to the other for a small amount of money. This ferry is actually being held by a steel rope and it slides gently to the other side. The ride is really something unique and worth to experience.

All information regarding the ferryboat is available on the phone number of the operator on duty: +385 (0)91 35 999 28.

Run and Discover Samobor

For runners we always give a tip on discovering Samobor with SightRun App. We have created a great 6 km running tour that will tell you interesting stories about the town and take you to see some of the sight. And yes, you’ll get some tips on what else is there to see and do in Samobor. A great tip is to try local food so make sure to check our tips on Where to eat in Samobor.

SightRun Samobor tour is free! Just download SightRun App from the App Store or Google Play and choose Samobor as your next destination. The tour is available in English and Croatian.

Let us know how was your day in Samobor!

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