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What to see in Poreč?

By SightRun | Poreč

Jul 25

And while you can spend days discovering all interesting sites of Poreč and in its surroundings for every destinations in SightRun App we always try to give you highlights on what there is to see. And now, if you wonder what to see in Poreč, here is our short list. If you want to see more, you can always go for a run with SightRun App 🙂

1. Euphrasian Basilica

Of course the basilica is on the first place because it’s the most beautiful and the oldest architecture masterpiece from the sixth century. Listed on the UNESCO world heritage list, today it’s actually a Roman catholic cathedral basilica of the Assumption of Mary. The structure includes episcopal complex, a sacristy, a baptistery and the bell tower of the archbishop’s palace and it’s a genuine monument of Byzantine architecture in the whole mediterranean region. Inside there is a great floor mosaic of the previous basilica from the fifth century. The first basilica was dedicated to Saint Maurus of Parentium (Poreč in Italian) and it’s from the fourth century. The floor mosaic was originally part of a large noble Roman house. So it’s really a gem to discover, a true history site which, if you’re in Poreč, shouldn’t be missed!

2. Roman forum

In the old town there’s almost completely preserved old Roman forum with the original Roman streets Cardo and Decumanus. Two temples from that period of time are located there as well, one is dedicated to Roman god Neptune and the other one to Mars. Emperor Augustus made this forum fortified military camp in a city in the first century, and today it’s called the Marafor square. Worth to see!

3. The round tower

It’s a part of what remained from the defensive wall of Poreč built in the late 15 centruy. The plan of the tower is in regular circular shape and the interior is made of irregular corridors, passages, rises and loopholes. The tower was built by the Venetians during the last renewal of the Poreč defense walls because of the threatening Ottoman danger. Today in the tower there’s also a restaurant  and narow stairs will take you to the top of the tower where you’ll enjoy beautiful view on the city of Poreč.

4. Sincich palace – Homeland museum

A big two storey house stands out among all others, more modest buildings from the 18th century in Poreč. On each floor of the house there’s a main salon (called portego) surrounded by four smaller rooms, a characteristic of all the baroque period buildings in Istria. The facade is decorated with balconies on the first and second floor. The house remained in the ownership by the Sincich family until the end of World War II, and today the Homeland museum – Sincich Palace has the collection of Roman archaeological relics, baroque paintings and in the library they keep a big amount of historic documents.

5. Istrian parliament hall

First it was the curch of St. Francis from the 13th century located on the peninsula of Poreč, on the foundations of an early Christian church from the fifth century. Inside, on a ceiling there are beautiful frescos from the Rococo style.

6. Pentagonal tower

The pentagonal tower is a fortification where the town gate used to be, at the beginning of the main street of Poreč, the Decumanus street. The current shape of the tower dates back from the 15th century. It has a lion with wings, the symbol of the Venetian power. This is the only example on the eastern Adriatic coast of a Venetian lion having the names of the creators engraved. Together with the town gate, it was demolished in the 19th century and after that it lost its defensive function.

Make sure you check out the Restaurant Peterokutna kula

7. Great temple

The biggest roman temple in Istria is situated on the Poreč peninsula. It was built in the first century and it’s known under the name Great Temple. The temple was dedicated to Jupiter or the Capitoline triade (Jupiter, Juno, Minerva). It was raised on the highest part of the peninsula and was reachable from the Forum through a stone stairway. Just a small part of the temple is still preserved: few elements of columns and capitals which are all visible today inside the temple. We advise you to pay a visit, you won’t be dissapointed!

8. Romanesque house

Located at the intersection of Decumanus street and Marafor square, this romanesque house is one of the few residential roman buildings which is still preserved in its original form. The most impressive feature of the house is certainly a beautiful fascade with a wooden balcony. It would be very interesting to see how the old noble Istrian families (after the Roman ones) lived in the past and what was their their way of life. Step into the past and immerse yourself in some rather different times…

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