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Where to eat in Poreč?

By SightRun | Poreč

Jul 21
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As always food is one of the most important things for us runners. That’s why we think it was necessary to find out where to eat in Poreč. So, here is our list of some restaurants:

1. Restaurant St. Nicholas

A restaurant with the superb location by the seafront, opposite the island it was named after, is specialized for a slow-food cooking process and will give you a special treat. It  stretches on two floors and has an outdoor terrace overlooking the harbour. The cuisine is dominated by regional culinary  specialities, as well as a rich choice of top quality Istrian wines. Their specialties include numerous creative dishes such as fish panna cotta on grana padano chips with cornelian cherry marmalade, St. Maurus fish fillet in dandelion bud and black truffle sauce, cream soup „Motovun wood“ with truffles and mushrooms. Enjoy this gorgeous restaurant where blue sea fuses with the beautiful view of St. Nicholas island.

Official page: Restaurant Sv. Nikola

2. Restaurant Ulixes

A great fish restaurant with a wide choice of mediterranean seafood in cavernous old stone house with old shipping antiques. Their garden will leave you breathless: idyllic stone courtyard tucked behind decumanus street opposite the 15th century Venetian defense tower; but the menu will leave you speechless! This restaurant is known for its high quality fish and the catch of the day is brought to your table for you to choose. Their specialties are fresh sea bass in salt with hand made Istrian fuži, sheep cheese with shaved black truffles, lobster and black risotto, scampi with almonds, creme brulee and many more. Worth to pay a visit!

3. Restaurant Pentagonal tower

If you’re in Poreč, this is the place you mustn’t miss! Something completely different, very rare and very special place. On the most unique location with memorable food and a stunning view over the top of Poreč, escaping the hustle and bustle of the crowds below! This restaurant is settled in a 15th century Venetian historical tower, actually on its top, so while having your meal, at the same time you’re amazed with unforgettable view on the entire city and its surroundings. But enough with the view, the food there is something your palate will remember a long time. The highlights of this cuisine are a mixure of traditional Istrian and rare food specialties, such as sea urchin, foam cauliflower, polpa hedgehog, snails in spicy herb seeds, pljukanci (traditional Istrian pasta), rabbit sote, tuna fish in lavender ash, calf cheek, should we continue or you’re in? The restaurant also has a choice of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals like beluga lens and humus. The one thing that we most certainly have to mention are their desserts, such as sphere filled with white chocolate basket and savory fruit, but the culmination is the fact that this restaurant makes its own homemade ice cream! Say no more, we’re in!

Official page: Pentagonal tower

4. Divino Restaurant

The amazing location in the city centre by the sea with one of the most beautiful terraces in whole of Istria, Divino Restaurant will get into your eye for sure, but the food that will get in your belly is something to be hold on. So let’s go to the point! When preparing dishes, their chef puts the accent on fresh and carefully selected seasonal ingredients, fresh fish and seafood from the Adriatic sea. On their long menu everybody’s gastro wish will come true, ’cause they prepare stuff like: Istrian beef liver terrine, cold soup ”Gazpacho” with raw scampi, pljukanci with boškarin (Istrian beef), gnocchi stuffed with salmon with Istrian cutlefish, Black Angus steak, foie gras with strawberry and red pepper, and out of the desserts, their white chocolate mousse is a piece of heaven, it will make you ask for another bite, a huge one! The restaurant also has a good selection of wines.

Official page: Divino Restaurant

5. Restaurant & Pizzeria Patak

A restaurant and pizzeria Patak is located on a short walk north of the old town with a large shaded terrace decorated in konoba-style. The pizzas are the main item but the menu is much more broadly-based, with a good choice of pastas, salads, burgers and steaks.

The owner has a duck farm, which explains the name and why duck and duck breast make it onto the list of main dishes. For very fair prices you can enjoy their big portions of pizza, al forno (hand made pasta), risotto with black truffles, so called gorgoburger (burger with gorgonzola cheese), sheep cheese salad, pasta Puttanesca (with tuna, anchovies and chili salsa) and the best cheesecake ever.

Official page: Restaurant Patak

6. Restaurant Hrast

Pay a visit to the first family restaurant in Poreč! They run their business from the seventies and they sure know how to do it. The restaurant is typical Istrian with admirable seafront terrace. We don’t have to mention that only fresh ingredients and fresh fish and seafood is used for preparing meals, but it’s important to mention that the dishes are based on traditional recipes and they make their own bread and pasta. Raw shrimps, raw shells, raw venus clams, sea bass carpaccio, shrimp wrapped in gilt-head fillet are only some of the meals you’ll find on their menu, but also one of the specialties and really great things to try are the Lemoncini and Arancini (lemon/orange peeled and baked in sugar). The offer is completed with the exceptional offer of local wines and beers from a small local brewery.

Official page: Restaurant Hrast

7. Vila Romana

A beautiful restaurant by the sea in a calm Green lagoon of intact nature sounds like a movie scenario. When you get there to the Restaurant Vila Romana, you’ll find out that it actually is!

Soothing scent of pine trees and the sound of waves will wake up all your senses, appetite the most. So prepare yourself for pure gastro hedonism like seabass rolls with truffle sauce, Tris fisch carpaccio (seabass, tuna, monkfish), risotto Noir with cuttlefish and prawns, raw oysters, buzara Parenzana (mixed shellfish in tomato sauce), beefsteak Istra with pljukanci and truffels, and for the dessert a definite must-try is their Choco Fondant, a souffle served with caramelised pear. Also would be great to try award winning wine from their own vineyard.

So, like you can see, there’s something for every taste and that’s why you can’t miss, go to a table at the open air patio overlooking the sea on the edge of the lagoon and abandon yourself to, like we said on the beginning, a movie scenario…

Official page: Vila Romana Restaurant

8. Bacchus wine bar

A lovely place tucked away in a side street but very popular and unique. Excellent Istrian food in lively atmosphere with good music. In Bacchus wine bar you’ll find all the unique Istrian products like the best Istrian wines, brandys, olive oil, products made out of truffles, Istrian prosciutto and bacon, goat cheese. The food is served on platters, like finger food, but the portions are really large and there’s always enough for at least three to four persons (and the platter is for two). Marinated octopus, sardines and fresh vegetables are a good match with local white wine. They bring you warm bread, olive oil and truffle oil at the table with your food so, with the platter you ordered, it tastes divine. If you want to enjoy a glass of wine with great finger food then Bacchus is the place for you. Prices are very reasonable.

Official page: Bacchus Wine Bar

9. Restaurant Cardo

When you’re passing by Euphrasius’ Basilica be sure to stop by in this beautiful restaurant – Cardo. Excellently situated on a small square, a historic arch stands where a nice path meanders through a small garden. Very stylish decor and a guitarist playing while you’re having your dinner. Meals are prepared with traditional Istrian products, truffles and asparagus, which taste will simply astonish you.

They offer a variety of dishes, everything from cold cuts and risottos to meat and fish. The portions are large size, especially a steak with truffles or a portion of mixed mussels. Chocolate mousse with truffles for the dessert is something totally unusual, but very delicious. The restaurant serves Istrian rose version of Prosecco.

10. Restaurant Spinnaker

If you’re up for a classy meal in Poreč, restaurant Spinnaker, settled on the main Poreč promenade, gives you an authentic atmosphere. It’s a culinary heaven: fusion of fresh local seafood, products from the nearby farms and forests and a wide selection of local wines is their recipe for an outstanding restaurant. They also offer a large choice of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals.

The menu constantly changes as they adapt it to the availability of local products. Little warm breads with curcuma are given in abundance throughout the meal, freshly baked bread rolls: pink from beetroot, yellow from onion and green from cucumber. So at the same time you have a flavour fiesta playing with you taste buds while acoustic trio plays live music.

The dishes that you mustn’t miss are the round lamb with sesame seed pasta and monkfish with algae, for the dessert meringue and passion fruit sorbet.

Official page: Restaurant Spinnaker

11. Restaurant Miramare

Restaurant is located on the Saint Nicholas island. Beside superb dishes from the menu and an extensive wine list with sommelier service, the restaurant offers stunning views overlooking the sea and the city of Poreč. It’s the perfect dining experience with a sea view and you go on the boat drive which takes you from Poreč harbour to the island. The restaurant offers a varied selection of fish and seafood dishes with premium local wines to complete the dining experience. Go for it!

12. Istrian konoba Buići

A family run konoba back from 1985, located just a few kilometres outside of Poreč centre, gives you a different experience than the city and beach restaurants. It’s not only dining in a beautiful enviroment, but it’s a prefect day trip and a refreshment from the city hustle during the summer season. The konoba is protected by the old oak forest with plenty of shades and light breeze to soothe you after a terrific meal.

All dishes are being prepared on olive oil from their own oil mill. The choice is wide, from meat platters with truffels in red wine sauce to hand made pasta with home made prosciutto and cheese acompanied by high quality local wines. They’ll give you to try a home made virgin olive oil with home made cheese and what’s interesting and different from other places is that you don’t get ready to use salad, you get a freshly cut salad and two types of home made aromatic olive oil and balsamic acid, so you can mix ingredients and make the flavor on your own choice.

The house specialty is roast beef and penne pasta in fresh truffle sauce, which is for two persons but it’s big enough for four adults. If you are a real gourmet, you definitely have to visit this place!

Official page: Istrian Konoba Buići

This is where we’ll stop. We are sure that you’ll find something that you’ll like. These are just tips on where to eat in Poreč and we know you’ll find your gastro paradise while exploring the city and its surroundings. Bon appetite!