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Where to eat in Rovinj?

By SightRun | Rovinj

Jun 10
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After a good run, the best thing a runner can do is to have a good meal. It doesn’t mean it has to be a plenty of food at the table, but rather a good combination of local flavours and dishes especially when we are on a holiday. Don’t you agree?

Well, if you wonder where to eat in Rovinj, we’ve searched for local tips and asked for recommendations and this is what we have find out.

1. Brasserie Adriatic & Adriatic Caffe

Start your day with a nice coffee at the Adriatic Caffe and take in the atmosphere of Rovinj. A chic brasserie style restaurant will indulge your senses with French inspired cuisine. From the terrace there extends a view of the town’s harbour and Rovinj’s Main Square.

Brasserie Adriatic is located in the very centre of the town, overlooking the harbour and the main town square, offering a perfect environment for our trendy dishes inspired by the French Riviera and seasoned with local flavours and ingredients. Our menu pays homage to the heritage of the rich history of the Adriatic Hotel, opened in 1913, while at the same time tipping the chef’s hat to the great masters of the French cuisine.

Official webpage: Hotel Adriatic Restaurants & Bars

2. Restaurant Barba Danilo

Stated as the best restaurant in Rovinj, it will serve your palate highly. Top quality ingredients, traditional recipes, homemade bread, a choice of extra virgine olive oils and lovely and affordable Malvazija wine. Barba Danilo is equally famed for its fish and meat dishes. The restaurant has a beautiful ourdoor terrace for al fresco dining.

Official page: Restaurant Barba Danilo, Rovinj

3. Restaurant Monte

The contemporary style of this romantic restaurant comes as a contrast to the old town. It’s situated right under the crowning church of St Euphemia. Creative and theatrical, the cooking is also somewhat of a surprise using modern techniques to create beautifully presented, flavour-filled dishes. Definitely a meal to remember. This restaurant is the first in Croatia which received a Michelin star!

Official page: Restaurant Monte

4. Sweet Corner San Tomasso

A bakery offering mostly vegan ice creams flavors, like salty peanut, tiramisu and stracciatella.They use biological ingredients and the cakes are vegetarian. So go and treat yourself with homemade ice cream on their terrace by the harbour!

5. La Puntulina

This restaurant and wine bar will take you of your feet! It’s located in the heart of the old city and local and fresh products are served just a few meters away from the water. Their culinary is a blend of Rovinj’s tradition and new trends in the way of preparing fresh, seasonal ingredients and their wine list is made out of high quality Croatin wines.

Official page: La Puntulina Restaurant

6. Restaurant Orca

This restaurant’s specialty and the thing which distinguishes it from the others is the fact that they prepare homemade ingredients with the principles of old Istrian cuisine. Seasonal food, typical of the Istrian area in family restaurant in cozy and relaxed atmosphere. If your wish is to taste fresh asparagus, seashells, adriatic fish, shrimps, crustacean (when it’s their season), you’re definitely on the right place. But never the less, you sure won’t be dissapointed with their meat offer as well.

Official page: Restaurant Orca

7. Tavern Kantinon

Located at Rovinj’s waterfront, overlooking the old town, this place offers cozy and casual atmosphere in typical decor of an Istrian tavern.  Discover the world of local fishermen and enjoy original Rovinj cuisine inspired by the lore of the sea. The Kantinon menu is made out of the old recipes prepared from the freshest ingredients, just how grandma used to make!

8. Restaurant Giannino

If you’re backgrounds are somewhere by the sea, this restaurant’s sea food menu will bring you back to childhood. The owner, son of a fisherman, decided to use his vast knowledge about the sea to create and to serve food that brings out the full taste of the sea, and has been doing it for the last 30 years. Wine list? Very long and hard to decide!

Official page: Restaurant Giannino

9. Restaurant Male Madlene

Special little place in the old town. The restaurant has only 3 tables and it serves finger food. Food is tasty and beautifully arranged on the plate. Restaurant is actually settled in owner’s living room who wanted to share lifelong enthusiasm for fine food with a view over the sea. Great experience if you like small and personal dining! A tip: do not miss the desserts!

10. Restaurant Lanterna

Very special dinning place located on the nearby St. Andrew Island (also called the Red Island). This exceptional restaurant has a wonderful seafront two-level terrace and it’s in an old castle which was originally Franciscan monastery dating back to the 15th century. The restaurant serves a five star food, has an exciting menu and good wine list. This is a perfect place in Rovinj for a romantic dinner. It takes 20 minutes by boat to reach the island. Boats depart hourly from April to October.

11. Pizzeria Da Sergio

Great pizza place for true pizza lovers! Pizzeria is located in the old town of Rovinj in one of the main cobblestone streets. Pizzas are excellent with thin crust and wide choice of toppings to choose between and it’s vegetarian and vegan friendly. Very reasonably priced with a very long and varied menu. They also serve fine house wine. It’s worth waiting to get a table at this old-fashioned two-floor pizzeria. Tip: only cash is accepted.

12. Restaurant E 

Sushi is always a good idea! So why not enjoy it in Rovinj as well! Situated in hotel Lone, restaurant E is one of the rare restaurants in Istria (if not the only one) offering sushi, along with other raw seafood. In the offer of beverages emphasis is given to green tea, wine, a selection of finest waters, natural juices and eastern drinks such as sake. For raw seafood lovers, restaurant E is the place to go!

Official page: Hotel Lone – Restaurant E

13. Feral Restaurant

Great family restaurant settled outside of Rovinj centre, hidden from all the tourist fuss, is a true discovery for all lovers of domestic cuisine. Family which runs it for years is preparing their own homemade pasta served in all sorts of various combinations. If you’re aiming to try pasta made on totally different recepies that you probably ever tried, Feral is a must. They call it „our ideas“. The prices are very much reasonable and vegetarian menu is also offered.

14. Konoba Jure

Atypical Istrian restaurant settled ten minutes easy walk from Rovinj centre. On this place you probably won’t crash into accidently, but once you find it, you’ll want to come back again and again! Special ambient dominated by a big fireplace and only ten tables, away from the summer crowds. Most unusual thing about this Istrian cuisine restaurant is that they don’t have menu, at all, they serve what is freshly delivered on that very day without planning in advance. So it’s a true meaning of the word surprise what you’ll have for dinner that day! If you decide for pasta, it will be served to you in dish in which was made on the stove, fresh fish is gloriously baked and certainly don’t miss beefsteak in green pepper and mushrooms.

15. Restaurant Maestral

Settled right beside the sea in a yacht club overlooking Rovinj islands, for this restaurant you might think that is overpriced, but actually it’s very reasonable priced. Interesting detail is an outdoor barbecue where chefs prepare delicious meals in front of guests in a slow-cooking way. It offers a good choice of vegetarian and vegan meals and also gluten free options. Highly recommended for a tuna steak and chocolate mousse, or their famous tiramisu with fabulous house red wine…and please do not miss the sunset view!

16. Cake shop Chocolate

A small peace of chocolate and ice cream heaven in the old streets of Rovinj! First when you arrive you’ll be given the opportunity to try different flavours and there are lots to choose from! Ice cream flavour is creamy, texture smooth and it has a lovely taste. Definitely recommendation on any of the dark chocolate flavours (chili chocolate, cinnamon) and also the fig ice cream. Don’t miss it if you are a chocolate fan!

Let us know if you have visited any of the restaurants from our list and how was your experience. We’d love to hear it from you!