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Where to eat in Split?

By SightRun | Split city

Apr 19

It rimes not only because of the words, but because of the true harmony to eat in Split! If you wonder where is the best place to eat in Split, we are bringing you our suggestions. Yes, and the cover photo is just so we can tell you that even you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables from locals and perhaps prepare yourself a splendid meal. If not, take one of our tip on where to eat in Split.

1. ArtiČok

Unusual art food bar in city center, art and gastronomy conection concept. Ambient breathes art. The walls are painted by academic painters. The menu consists out of the daily fresh ingredients, a wine list is all Croatian and they also have a wide choice of craft beers.

There are about ten dishes on the menu but certainly sufficient – fish soup, cheese plates with olives and uncommon chocolate mousse with lavender flavour. You simply must try anything that has lavender and chocolate in it! The „Čok“ in ArtiČok is the Dalmatian slang for a small bite, so the whole name actually refers to the art of eating. Enjoy relaxed vibe, amazing food at reasonable prices.

Official page: ArtiČok

2. Villa Spiza

Their moto eat like a local definitely confirms the experience of dinning in Villa Spiza. If you want to experience a real Dalmatian home-cooking, then this is THE place to eat. A charming local place, unique and different, with a friendly and warm atmosphere and incredibly tasty food.

This is a tiny restaurant tucked in an alley in Split‘s historical downtown, steps away from the palace walls, centered around a long counter. Eating at the counter makes you feel almost at home as you watch them prepare food in front of you: a cook preparing mashed potatoes using a home mixer! Villa Spiza is cash only place, and it’s closed on Sunday.

Villa Spiza on Facebook

3. Restaurant Zrno soli

Zrno soli is a beuatiful fish restaurant located in town’s marina. Restaurant has a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, boats in the marina and the town. The view over the lighted town is especially nice at night. The food is fresh, well cooked, innovative and typical Dalmatian. The menu is extensive, the fresh seafood is always top notch. Zrno soli employs best chef in Split and probably one of the top 10 in Croatia, do not miss a chance to try his marvelous cuisine.

Official page: Restaurant Zrno soli

4. Restaurant Dvor

Restaurant Dvor is located 10 minutes walk from the old town. It has a beautiful outdoor garden seating with views over the sea, it’s really a stunning location.

Their meat and fish dishes are excellent, many are prepared on a charcoal grill, and don’t miss their desserts as well. Marvelous seasoned grilled steak and unusually tasty creamy soup is our recommendation, but the menu is long: various choice of blue and white fish and al dente creamy risotto, unusual side dishes: chick- peas, chicory, endive, haricot beans and lentils. Dvor is a real get away from hot city crowds.

Check Restaurant Dvor on Trip Advisor

5. Restaurant Kadena

Located in Zenta neighborghood, the Restaurant Kadena boasts fabulous views over Zenta Marina and nearby islands of Brač and Šolta. Various bruschette and creative desserts add to a classic Dalmatian menu already given an extra dimension by the imaginative introduction of additional ingredients and sauces. The wine list requires a huge cellar.

Make sure to make it to the restaurant before sunset because the view from the terrace is unbelievable! While enjoying a drink, choose your dinner from a selection of fish and seafood (although meat options are both excellent).

Official webpage: Restaurant Kadena

6. Tavern Fetivi (ex. Matejuška)

Tavern Fetivi – located close to the harbor, a small yet pleasantly designed restaurant with roof tiles on the wall, details that instantly take you to happy childhood time and antique lamps on wooden tables, guitars, everything just makes pleasant atmosphere. The name “Fetivi” refers to roots and being connected to home and this is what they’ll do with their dishes.

The restaurant offers traditional regional dishes mostly based on seafood, but they have meat dishes as well. Food is prepared in a simple way. Everything served here is very fresh and tasty. Fetivi is pretty adamant when it comes to preserving the tradition of Dalmatian spiza and keeping their affordable prices intact.

More about Fetivi on Croatia 365 Gourmet

7. Tavern Kod Hvaranina 

Tavern Kod Hvaranina (meaning ‘man from Hvar’) is a shabby looking restaurant, just out of the Palace walls. Place with such an interior as they make you feel nostalgic, reminding of some other times. It is a small, family-run restaurant, and you feel it. The food is homely, fresh and tasty. They serve a delicious traditional baby beef stew with gnocchi, the famous Dalmatian pašticada. Seafood served here comes from local fishermen. It’s a popular place for the city’s intellectuals and you will often catch a glimpse of a local journalist or writer and to prove they have been there, the wall is scattered with their signed photographs and books.

8. Uje Oil bar

It’s a tapas style restaurant, located at the heart of Split old town.  The place has a very good vibe, tasty food, excellent choice of olive oils and wines. The food is served on wooden boards, and in a tinware. The warm dishes’ menu is updated daily, while cold cuts, marinated fish, and a choice of olive oils are available daily. They call it ‘Dalmatian comfort food’.

Uje Oil bar is more than a restaurant, they offer extremely rich selection of olive oils which you can taste and the staff is well educated for the presentation of olive oils and wines. It’s actually Uje family: Uje Oil bar, Uje wine bar, Pikulece (also for dining and tasting and Gastro shop where you can buy home made products like olive oil, olives, cheese, spices.. Just an example of oil tasting and what goes with it: guided tasting of three types of olive oil, pairing with fleur se sel and aceto balsamico , homemade bread, local cheese and olive tapenade. Have we mentioned a glass of fine wine? Bon apetit!

Official page: Uje Oil Bar

9. Konoba Matoni

This lovely restaurant is settled in a beautiful, fresh cellar, sufficiently dark, yet cosy, rich in brick and arches with vaulted ceilings, located near Bačvice beach. It offers a typical Dalmatian (Mediterranean) dishes made of fresh, local ingredients. All this is matched to an excellent selection of mostly local wines. It’s a real gem and one of the rare places in Split where vegetarians (and even vegans) can indulge in more succulent and elaborated food.

There’s a vast choice of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes, prepared in a new and interesting way. You’ll be delighted if you try cheese from the island of Brač, beef, veal (they literally make wonders with interesting meat parts) and for dessert choco-mousse, fruitilicious or cheezy, the choice is your! The wine list is very interesting, while the beer offer is at its top level with craft beers from the country and abroad.

Official web: Konoba Ma:Toni

10. Restaurant Corto Maltese

A breath-taking small oasis, cozy interior, laid-back atmosphere, great food, big portions and affordable prices is how we can describe Restaurant Corto Maltese. This little restaurant is excellently positioned next to the fish market, and its menu is a bit different from others “in the neighborhood”.

The menu cleverly combines local and Mediterranean, which will leave you wanting to go back again and again. With fish specialties, you can taste excellent thick homemade soups which are prepared without additives. The food is not fried, it’s thermally processed to be healthy, including the meat that comes with side dishes. Names of the meals are also very interesting: BreakFast & Furious, Egg Zeppelin, Eggoist – egg dishes, Ragout Against The Machine.. They’re also well known for their wide selection of whiskey, homemade liquors, interesting tea brands from around the world and four kinds of freshly squeezed juices. The wine list contains about forty labels from across Croatia.

Official page: Restaurant Corto Maltese

11. Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar

Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar is a modern wine bar & lounge in the historic centre of Split just a few meters from Riva waterfront. It’s not only a wine bar, you can also enjoy lunch, dinner or just a casual bite. The food is locally grown and authentic. Paradox offers a very wide selection of domestic cheeses, prosciuttos, dried, salty and marinated seafood, homemade bread and quiches. Cold cuts from selected producers bring you Croatian delicacies on the plate. Cheese with homemade jam, cured meat from Dalmatia (dalmatinska pancetta) would be a perfect meal. Recommended by the New York Times, this urban wine lovers place was awarded by the Hideaway Report as one of the best places in the wine and cocktails category in the world, so why not give it try!

Official page: Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar

12. Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Restaurant

This stunning restaurant, Bokeria Kitchen & Wine, located near Split’s market has a modern and classy interior with shelves lining the walls, which are stacked with wine bottles and liquor. A massive chandelier hangs from a 850 meter chain in the middle of the room and extends over two floors.

The restaurant Bokeria Kitchen & Wine offers simple Dalmatian meals and the menu is based on the season and the vegetables available. Their specialty of the house and one of a kind are bombolinos with prosciutto and a thin crust of rosemary and almond, bruschetta with gorgonzola and tacos of freshly grilled tuna.

The wine list is almost entirely comprised of Croatian labels, including the wines that are made especially for Bokeria, Pošip from Korčula and Cuvée from Kaštela. When you think that you have seen everything, it’s time for the desserts, each in its own small bowl and in no particular order, made from ingredients the restaurant’s pastry chef managed to purchase that morning. The mascarpone with shortcake, pear and several creams tastes like from another world! Definitely a must try!

Bokeria on Facebook


13. Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel

Located in a small alleyway within the Palace walls, Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel is modern and chic. The design is contemporary with the brick walls and a big floor. Look for their lunch time specials when you get a free glass of house wine with food, or sometimes they just put all the menu at a half price. The menu is focused on seasonal ingredients cooked to perfection with a modern twist on Dalmatian classics.

Zinfandel has over 100 international and Croatian wines, as well as wide choice of seasonal tapas and cold platters. Some of the menu’s highlights are: mussels buzara, octopus salad and arugula steak salad. Marinated olives and their homemade pepper jam are the perfect addition to top it all off. You also don’t want to miss out on their desserts. Zinfandel’s stand out desserts are supreme mascarpone cream, meringue with strawberries and lemon curd.

Official page: Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel

14. Tavern Fife

Tavern Fife is located just outside the town walls and a 3-minute walk from the Riva promenade. This place is an institution for people of Split. It’s been there for ages and locals love eating there. The restaurant is as authentic as it gets and the prices are very affordable. It’s an excellent place to try local cuisine, traditional Dalmatian dishes cooked old fashion style. Ingredients are fresh and the portions are massive.

This is one of Split’s restaurants where locals and tourists mingle together. Fife offers a daily selection of specialties such as tingul, a chicken tomato pot spiced with cloves, cod stew , grilled fish with Swiss chard and potatoes, lamb and peas, black cuttlefish risotto, fried sardines, tripe etc.  It’s good, homemade, fresh, and affordable. Can you ask for more?!

Buffe Fife on Facebook

Foie Gras risotto and Filet of Seabass&Baby Squid. Just add good mood and great company for a perfect lunch. #zoilife #foodpic #delish #yummy #goodeats #split #croatia photo: Ivanisevic Ivan Photography & 360º

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15. Restaurant ZOI

If you’re up for a late quite dinner on the terrace overlooking the harbor with a glass of rare wine and gentle summer breeze, then you head of to ZOI, a restaurant settled on the top floor in Diocletian’s palace whose name means “life”. A timeless combination of stone walls, chandeliers that look like Roman pots and the terrace boasting one of the most beautiful views in Split: riva and palm trees, people and the sea, all together.

Some of the meals you just need to try are oysters with rizoto, and duck dishes followed by pralines deserts all nicely paired with tasty Galic rose wine. The house made bread is also to die-for! But, there is one thing that will sweep you off your feet: beef tongue that has been marinated for 30 days and cooked for 26 hours! It’s a Must go! ZOI also has Michelin’s recommendation.

Official page: Restaurant ZOI

16. Restaurant Augubio Congo

This beautiful little restaurant is in the very centre of the historical palace only few meters from the Peristyle in a building dating back to the 15th century. The space is small, yet sufficient. Here you can taste old Dalmatian meals prepared in a traditional way following local recipes, but presented in a modern way.

On the menu except fish, you’ll find an excellent gazpacho (cold tomato soup with vegetables), ravioli stuffed with smoked ham, cheese with truffles, juicy steakes with vegetables, shellfish a la buzara (traditional way of cooking using very few ingredients). Desserts are made using organic ingredients only and you simply must try the Split cake made from an egg white crust, vanilla custard, dried figs, raisins and apricot. They also make their own olive oil. Wine lovers will enjoy the offer of more than ninety labels of wines, and to mention for all beer lovers there is a craft beer offer as well.  A restaurant and a museum. If you’re in Split, you know what to do.

Restaurant Augubio Congo on Facebook

Koji ćeš kolač danas odabrati?

Objavljuje Oš kolačPetak, 29. prosinca 2017.

17. Pastry Shop Oš kolač

Literally meaning ‘d’ya want cake is Split’s creative and magical pastry paradise. Whether by amazing concoctions or by the beautiful interior design, this little pastry shop is here to make you come back again and again. It offers a permanent exhibition of cakes and rotating seasonal desserts. 

All of the desserts are handmade without powder products – crafted exclusively with local ingredients that have been purchased from small producers all over the country. Most of the recipes are based on the sweet tastes of childhood. The permanent culinary exhibition includes vanilla and hazelnut pancakes, cheesecakes, cakes with raspberries and lemons, traditional favorites like krempita, and cookies galore…amongst so much more.

Official page: Pastry Shop Oš kolač