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Where to Run in Poreč?

By SightRun | Poreč

Jan 23
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Take your running shoes and go for a run around Poreč. There are no excuses to just sit or lay at the beach when you can be active! To help you with your question “where can I run in Poreč” we’ve have some tips for your.

Do you know you can run in Poreč with SightRun App? Oh, yes you can! Maybe you have just missed our post about the new tours that we created for running in Poreč. (New SightRun City: Poreč)

1. Take SightRun and discover Poreč

Are you up for an adventure but you don’t want to get lost? Then just take SightRun App and hit the road. With SightRun App you have a few options for running around Poreč.

a) Starting in city centre – There are two tours available – North and South tour. The tours are from 9 to 10 km long so it will be a good run for you! Enjoy running by the sea and getting to know Poreč

b) Staying in Hotel Molindrio Plava Laguna – if you have chosen this hotel for your holiday then you can start your run in front of the hotel.

c) Staying in Valamar hotels – Here you have two tours. One for the guests of Valamar Parentino hotel and the other one for the guests of Valamar Diamant hotel.

All tours in Poreč are available in English and are completely free! Download SightRun App today on Google Play or AppStore and check other runner friendly cities.

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2. Parenzana

Parenzana running trail once was a rail line going from Poreč to Trieste. Today it’s called the Road of Health and Friendship. It’s a newer project of the local people whoose aim was to reform the old rail line into unique and beautiful trail in the Istrian mainland where people can run, hike and cycle in a gorgeous greenery discovering the interior of Istria.

This path is a must try if you’re in Poreč because it’s one of the kind in the whole of Croatia. It’s a path where the old rail line used to go, but there are no tracks anymore and the whole route is covered with pebble. The route is not hard, it’s flat land with few small hills on the way, but the landscapes are magnificent and you’ll enjoy every second of it. While there, you’ll pass through the village of Nova Vas and continue through vineyards and olive grows. The route itself is long, but starting from Poreč you can make your way back or just hang on and discover so many beautiful old Istrian villages!

We must warn you that you’ll pass by a lot of wineries, which could be very tempting for a runner on a hot summer day, so a glas or two sounds very refreshing as a break from running or, even better, a reward for the long run!

3. Materada running

A beautiful path by the sea in Poreč area, Materada, is an ideal choice for a run. Start your run in a calming green scenario between the trees and continue on a land path along the sea to the cape St. Martin, around the peninsula, then along the road. Further on passing the devastated ruins of a Roman villae rusticae, on a wide land trail not far from the coast (cape Mrčana) along the olive grows.

The trail leads to the top of the hill (33 meters high) through the shade of the great oak and cedar trees. Let yourself go and take a deep breath while discovering this beautiful and most of all peaceful running route.

TIP: Take SightRun App and start your run in front of the Valamar Parentino Hotel

Take SightRun App and start your run in front of the Valamar Parentino Hotel
valamar parentino hotel
Valamar Parentino Hotel

4. The two Lagoon’s run

There is not only one, but two lagoons in Poreč! Have the most amazing mixure of iddyllic run path, fresh air, stunning forest and gorgeous scenery by the sea!

Start of at the Blue Lagoon heading the Green Lagoon where you’ll find calming paved path around the bay of Mulandrija passing a little bridge over the stream St. Angel. Your route takes you along the sea and further on along the shore bellow hotel Laguna with the most beautiful beach. If you withstand to take a swimm at this beach, go further around the peninsula. A paved path leads you by the beach bellow the hotels in the Green Laguna bay.

TIP: Take SightRun App and start your run in front of the hotel Molindrio Plava Laguna

Hotel Molindrio Plava Laguna

5. Maximus Agri trail run

If you’re up for a run out of the city bustle and to explore the nature in Poreč surroundings, then Maximus Agri is your route! It takes you outside the city, you can make it shorter or longer, it’s up to your running condition, so that’s why this route is adjustable for every runner. Clay path through the woods in deep shades will take you to an old Istrian village Vrvari, where it would be an ideal break spot, and then the route takes you again through the woods, olive grows and the next village. Something totally different than the usual, the pleasure is highly guaranteed!

6. St. Maurus trail

The St. Maurus route got its name by the patron of the city of Poreč, St. Maurus, and because it takes you partly through the city, but it goes to the other side and outside the city too. Start of from Euphrasius’ Basilica, run enjoying stunning views and continue through the peaceful Materada bay hidden beneath the trees.

If you thought what a pleasure this run is, you still didn’t reach the St. Martin bay, running by the sea untill you reach Červar Porat, a peaceful and sleepy little town right next to Poreč. The run along this trail is particularly pleasant because all the time you are running along the coastline with beautiful bays where you can enjoy the breathtaking mediterranean landscapes. When you reach Santa Marina bay, cross over a small bridge and run towards green vineyards and olive grows and taste home made food, wine, brandy and honey produced in this area.

Let’s us know what you think about our suggestions on Where to Run in Poreč. If you have a tip for us and our runner send us a message with your recommendations. Check other great info about Poreč on our site Running in Poreč