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Where to Run in Split?

By SightRun | running

Apr 18

Split is one marvellous coastal city and it would be a shame if you miss an opportunity to discover and see as much as you can while you’re there. To avoid the crowds of tourist and the high temperatures during Summer, the ideal time for a run would be early in the morning. Of course, running just before the sunset is also special experience.

Here are some of our tips on where to run in Split:

1. Marjan Hill

Running through 178 meters tall hill with a view on the entire city, the surrounding islands and the nearby mountains Mosor and Kozjak is something you definitely want to try while in Split. The hill is covered with Mediterranean pine forest and surrounded by the sea, so you won’t lack the fresh sea air. There are really lots of running paths all around Marjan hill, through the woods or along the road that curves around the sea, mostly flat with a couple of rises up and down.

Running through Park-forest Marjan is a joy with so many views of the sea, but now comes the most interesting thing, running on stairs up the hill, to the highest point you can use 314 stairs. Get your map from the tourist office and hit the road!

2. Bene Beach

It’s a stone beach on the south side of Marjan hill, quiet and relaxing, a place where the forest meets the sea, so while running you’ll have enough shade. It’s pproximately 3 kilometres from the center of Split, so you can just extend your city route but here with the songs of crickets.

3. Ježinac Beach

Gravel beach settled in a quiet neighborhood and isolated from city noise. Running in a meditational atmosphere protected from the sun with pleasant pine wood shade all around, on this running route you’ll het hooked up very soon.

4. Kašjuni Beach

Located in the idyllic surroundings of the lushly greenery, this stone and gravel beach is nice running area nearby and through the forest park, with accessible trails to the top of the hill. Lovely relaxing place.

5. Kaštelet Beach

Running through a pebble beach besides the crystal clear sea water is something unforgettable. Plenty of shade for a good long easy run. Very relaxing and very much enjoyable.

6. Zvončac Beach

Settled on paved road, this beach will serve you good. It’s a mixure of experience actually: feels like running your usual home run because of the groundwork, but yet at the same time you’re running through zigzag route following the sea in a beautiful ambient. It’s a must!

7. Bačvice Beach

A very long sandy running route turning into paved route. This route will offer you all the benefits while running: great long route, shades during the day, gorgeous sunsets and stunning views.

8. Žnjan Beach and Park

The route is ideal for tougher runners, long route with a lack of shades will make you very proud of yourself. Žnjan beach is one of the most popular summer beaches in Split also great for water sports.

Split sightrunners
Sight Running in Split

9. City Run

Running city route in Split is more than fun and more than educational. It’s a run through the centuries old Roman streets in Diocletian palace. Lose yourself in the labirinth of narrow, beautiful curved alleys and later continue through the newer part of the town through parks and lines of trees which are all over the city. On some point you’ll start to run up the hill but that’s the city of Split. Do your finishing point at Riva passing through like a true running-empire!

10. Run in Split with SightRun App

If you’re not sure where to run, we suggest taking SightRun App with you. SightRun Split tour combines city streets, sea promenade and it even reaches Park-Forest Marjan. As long as you follow the audio instructions you’re on the good path. If you think you’ve missed some turn, you can always look at the map and get back on the track.